Everything you need to know about Quilling Art

colorful quilling strips

What is Quilling art?

Quilling is a versatile craft art that involves rolling, arranging, bending small colourful strips of paper into a decorative design. From simple and subtle to all jazzed up – you can really take it where your imagination flows.
Quilling art begins with bending and rolling a stripe of paper into a loop and then pinching that loop into shapes that can be glued together.

History of Quilling

It is said that the history of quilling is over five to six hundred years (maybe more.!) old. Sources also suggest that the roots of quilling are in the Renaissance period when French and Italian nuns and mons found the replacement to expensive gold filigree. They started to use quilling to decorate religious items.

During the 18th Century, Quilling started to become a popular leisure activity in Europe when affluent women practiced art and it got widely used from decorating their purses to adorning their wall frames. This idea blew like a strong wind and flew overseas and created its benchmark everywhere. There were no modern slotted quilling tools and other bending/shaping tools back then. The fame of quilling also spread to American colonies.

Even today some of the quilling masterpieces can still be seen in museums across the world.

Quilling in Modern time.

A couple of factors like Inexpensiveness and beauties makes Quilling to be used extensively in handmade cards, invitations, quilling cards, scrapbooks and much more. Today Quilling seems to have an upturn in popularity. All thanks to the creative quillers out there across the globe. QuillingSquare is proud of being the part of a rapidly growing quilling art industry.

Quilling art is not just word but it is a feeling of versatility, love and happiness. Let hear the tales of Quilling Art where you can get to know all about paper craft, quilling paper craft and indoor decorations. QuillingSquare products are a fusion of contemporary and creative thinking of our quillers.

It’s a wrap.

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