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Hey, Tahira Steven has something special for you

You've been mine since the day,
I saw you for the first time
When we met for the first time,
My heart whispered, "That's the one for the lifetime"
let's have a contract for a lifetime on the love letter
Since the second we met
My world has been way much better
you make all the bad things go away
The second that you say hey.

"You are so pretty"

you are so beautiful
You are my beyond forever
Let's build our world together
you're the reason I'm up all night
baby with you, my world is already bright
My heart is in your hands
I believe in our happy ends
You are the cutest one of all
I'll surely love you until fall

Touch Sunshine

"You are my sunshine"

You are the sunshine of my life
Day or night you’re always on my mind
Love like you is really hard to find
With you I feel so very fine
Let's go somewhere nice to dine

In Dark hopeless night,
I will be your Moon


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